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Your event

The concept of can be applied at various kinds of events:

  • Concerts and theater performances
  • Sports
  • Press conferences
  • Political meetings
  • Discussions
  • Product presentations at e.g. conferences
  • Presentations at seminars / webinars
  • Openings of buildings etcetera

To record various types of events properly a specific approach is required per event. However, a great part of the equipment will be the same between various events. For that reason, has all materials that are always needed readily available, immediately deployable.

Your presentation

You want to use video because you have a message to tell, either via a local screen, or via the internet. Usually, the images to be shown do not solely consist of camera images. Next to camera images, you could think of:

  • Sponsor messages (video or still images)
  • Recordings made earlier
  • Live mixed titles/graphics on screen with a person's name
  • The view of a presentation PC, that is running Powerpoint or similar
  • A Zoom/Lifesize/Jitsy/Skype video connection to bring a remote person into the broadcast

Usually simple graphics and titles can simply be made with presentation software such as Powerpoint. For more complicated cases, we will make a solutions specifically for you.

Other possibilities are:

  • Instant replay (immediate slow motion replay of something that just happened)
  • Side-by-side view (two images next to each other)
  • Placing people in a virtual environment by means of a green/blue screen and keying.

Your audience

You can reach your audience in multiple ways, such as:

  • A local LED screen (several meters large)
  • Local LCD screens spread across the locations
  • Creating a webcast by means of live streaming
  • Video-on-demand streaming (e.g. Youtube/Vimeo)

The created material is normally also recorderd on the spot, so that it is available later for other purposes.

In contrast to systems that are based on software, the video images can be shown locally with minimal delay. Delay in the shown video makes watching a talking person very uncomfortable, it is not "lip-sync" anymore.

It is normally possible to combine the various output options. Of course, you can show locally and live stream across internet. However, it may also be possible to record the stream right away at the hosting party, so that they do not need to be uploaded anymore. Optionally authentication is possible if your video should be online, but not be public. Also payment services are possible, allowing to sell the material online.


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