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Portfolio has, amongst others, been active at the following events. None of the shown videos has been post-edited - what you see is how it was produced locally at the event. Note that most companies show edited videos on their websites, which does not give a correct impression of what it looks like live.

Swimming events at national level produces the live feeds of Swim Cups and National Championships organised by the Dutch Swimming Federation KNZB. A mix of remotely operated and manned cameras is often used. With a semi-automated system, videos of each race are created and uploaded to, the youtube channel of KNZB. After several years of activities for KNZB, this amounts to several thousand of videos.

The video below is an example from the Amsterdam Swim Cup 2019. This video was made by 4 people using 2 manually operated cameras and 4 remotely operated cameras.

Eindhoven Diving Cup

This diving tournament is the largest one in Europe, this year having divers from around 20 different countries. Since 2015 takes care of the multi-camera live production at this tournament held in Eindhoven.

World Cup Swimming Eindhoven 2013 and 2018

The FINA World Cup is a world class swimming event, visiting cities like Dubai, Moscow and Beijing. Also Eindhoven, the Netherlands’ swimming capital, has been visited several times. In 2013 and 2018 performed the video production of the heats. 5 cameras were used to record the event, operated by 2 or 3 people. Graphics of Swiss Timing / OMEGA were overlayed. The video below is of the world record by Katinka Hosszu in 2013. In 2018 production was in HD, while in 2013 it was still in SD.


For HRmedia took care of the technical implementation for in a studio built for the occasion. During 5 days live webcasts of 50 minutes were made with interviews and playouts on the subject of autism, presented by a well-know dutch presenter, Inge Diepman.


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