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The concept

Evaluation of budget and requirements of small and medium size events learns that the traditional approach of multicamera live video production is often too large and too costly. For that reason we developed, from experience at past events, a new efficient concept named Video direction and camera activities have been analysed and have been brought together in a single system. With this concept a video production can be made very efficiently. For simple situations, only one person can operate both remotely controlled cameras and switch between them seamlessly. For more complicated sitations also manned cameras will be included in the video direction, complete with tally and intercom.

Conventional solutions always require multiple cameramen that cannot do anything a great deal of the time, until the action is located in front of them. The remote camera operation of switches from one camera to the next, virtually moving along with the action.

With this concept as basis, can do the full live video production at your event, from multi-camera video direction to live streaming, recording and displaying on large LED screens.


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